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Forest Wandering

Kvadrat Febrik and Moroso, together with Front Design, have co-created a scenic installation entitled Forest Wandering, which will be hosted at Teatro Dei Filodrammatici in Milan, during the 2022 Design Week. Visitors will be able to discover the latest collaboration between the two brands and the talented Swedish duo: Arda, a knitted fabric designed for Kvadrat Febrik and Pebble Rubble, a modular system of seats designed for Moroso.

The upholstered volumes recall rocks polished by aeons of rain and wind, cloaked by an organic layer that makes their weathered surfaces comfortable and welcoming.  

The installation will take the visitor through a journey of discovery, research and rediscovery of the healing power of nature.

7 - 12 June from 10am to 7pm
Teatro dei Filodrammatici
via Filodrammatici 1, Milano

Front design

Front is a Swedish design group led by Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren. Their works are based on explorations and experiments. Their work often communicates a story to the observer about the design process, material or conventions within the field of design.

A new research project

Front's new research project is inspired by studies that show spending time in nature positively affects well-being, memory, and creativity. Reflecting this, the design approach behind Arda builds on research about the physical and mental health effects of natural settings, and their cultural and psychological significance, especially in Front's native Sweden.

The «pièce» stages the relationship between human beings and Nature. It invites the viewer to experience a re-discovery of «the wilderness», which dwells in the collective unconscious. It aims at stimulating and provoking a new-found awareness on the effects that natural forces have on the daily life of people.


Arda is a knitted upholstery textile which recreates complex natural forms, structures, surfaces, and colours found deep in the wild. It is part of a design research project led by Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren from the Swedish design studio Front.

Pebble Rubble

Pebble Rubble by Front Design for Moroso is a sensory experience conveying a message that transcends the functions and qualities of a common seat. The upholstered volumes are similar to massive rocks polished by the tireless rain and wind and cloaked by an organic or plant layer capable of making the surfaces comfortable. 

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